About us

About Unnitia Polyfab

Started on the soil of Gujarat, Unnitia aims at providing innovative & superior quality packaging products to our clients. Approaching forward with the Innovation Quality model, Unnitia is proficient in quality checks during manufacturing. Our team of skilled professionals always keeps a meticulous approach to match the high standards of our clients.

We are headed towards achieving success owing to our :
High-Class manufacturing
Well-crafted Factory & workspace
Advanced machinery
Stringent quality controls


Unnitia desires to be the leading manufacturers by providing quality manufactured products. We foster towards creating the opportunity for local & External development and impact in every community around the world. 


One mission, one strategy is to maximize the production capacity by benefitting the customer in terms of quality and lowest cost. We further aim to bring new products to our customers.

Why Choose Us

Unnitia is amongst the most trusted & renowned manufacturers in the industry. The prime contributor headlong successfully is our effectively trained manpower. Being a responsible manufacturer, we pledge to maintain proper hygiene & quality standards. The vigorous assistance of robust machinery with completely new technology, provides us the advantage of serving high speed customised manufacturing.

Also, we believe that Versatile and rugged material contains many physical benefits and are capable of being recycled too. Unnitia aims to raise the bar of your expectations, with every purchase we commit to deliver high quality and trust.

Quality & Infrastructure

Our Quality control Procedure is well equipped with performing strict quality check with every process of the manufacturing. Even in these competitive times, we believe to serve only the best quality. Our focus relies not only on high- class amenities and implying raw materials, but also, we put our efforts to facilitate the best infrastructure. Here, we would like to appreciate “Lohia Corporation” for their Reliable machinery and Advanced technology that gives Unnitia an extra edge in exceptional quality

How are you benefitted with Unnitia’s Infrastructure?

Our diligent team of professionals uses advanced machinery which results in high-class manufacturing. A Well-designed factory adds as an additional backing for our services to be executed effortlessly. Rapid strides in Product development and stringent quality controls help us eliminate the defects uninterruptedly.